Another great feature that SwiftPOS has to offer is its' KVS. With the KVS you don't need to worry about receipt paper in the kitchen and lost dockets. It all just comes up on the screen.
Not unlike the rest of SwiftPOS, the KVS is also an incredibly powerful program. If your venue has multiple prep areas within the kitchen, you probably don't want to be making everything off 1 screen. That is where the diversity of the program comes in. Depending on how the order is placed, whether it's for takeaway or dine in, or if there are any other variables that you want, we can send specific parts of the order to specific workstations within the kitchen.
The kitchen staff can bump off item by item as they make it or just bump the whole order from their bench when it's done. If you want a bump box, we can do that. You want a touch screen? we can do that. you want a keyboard? We can do that.
The KVS is very versatile and can be set up to suit every specific need that there might be in the kitchen. Including a receipt that will print after every bench has bumped that order! 

Interested? Then contact us today and ask about what we can do for your venue! The possibilities will surprise you.