TMPOS are certified resellers of POS Terminals, Printers and the Swiftpos software, with the experience and knowledge to ensure that you get the best service and latest POS systems available. The best part is, We'll install your new system for you! 



The cSPAD10 is a mobile POS solution that can add more functionality to your venue. 

The cSPAD10 comes fitted with;

  • WiFi

  • Built in speakers​

  • Micro-SD and USB readers

  • Triple track Magnetic Swipe Reader

  • NFC and Smartcard Reader

And some more optional Extras.

The Docking Station has;

  • 3 x USB 2.0

  • LAN connection plug

  • Cash draw connection

  • 2 x Serial ports

  • 1 VGA port for a second display

You can take the tablet with you to a table to place an order, and then put it back on the docking station for full till functionality! 

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The iSPOS has a been awarded an IP66 meaning that it is almost impervious to all common liquids and dust, giving a  reliable machine for any function or applications. 

The iSPOS has no fans or vents to worry about dust and drinks getting into, and the fact that there are no fans means that the iSPOS makes almost no sound while running!

No need to worry about the iSPOS overheating because of no fans either

The solid aluminium die cast dissipates all the heat without the need of a fan.

The iSPOS also boasts a couple of optional features including;

  • Built in printer

  • built in scanner

  • customer facing displays

  • magnetic swipe reader WiFi

and more. 

Senor Thermal Printer
  • Thermal printing means no ink cartridges

  • Auto paper cutter

  • Multi language support

  • Graphical printing - You can print your logo!

  • Wall mountable

  • can use shopper docket receipt rolls 

RFID Technology

With RFID Contactless technology you and your staff can sign in to the till at the wave of a hand! 


No need to worry about lost tags either, you can still set a login passcode.

What else can RFID offer?

  • Increased sales rate

  • Faster manager authorisation

  • Staff can still login if their tag is lost

  • Different tag designs available

    • Wristband - watch style

    • wristband - Bracelet style

    • Key fob tag

NFC Technology

NFC Offers an alternative to member swipe cards and barcodes.   

With NFC your members can tap and go getting all their points and even using it on bar tabs and anything else that uses member identification!

There is also a temporary wristband option that can be used exactly the same but as a temporary option.

For example, a prepaid tab that then has purchases charged to the wrist band.

And there is even more functionality for NFC on the way so don't miss out.

Senor Nano POS

The nano POS by Senor is a great all rounder with plenty of customizability to suite any environment. This heavy duty and versatile machine will not let you down when it comes to an ever changing environment. 

Senor V5POS

The Senor v5 is the latest and greatest pos terminal that Senor has to offer. It boasts a range of features including a great energy rating. The lower power consumption means less impact on the environment and lower heat levels from the terminal, all while still maintaining the speed and processing required for all your sales.

This is an extremely diverse POS terminal with the ability to operate in temperatures from 0°c up to 40°c making it ideal for any working environment! 

This terminal also has a range of optional extras including,

  • Wi-Fi

  • Bluetooth

  • Customer Display

    • 10 inch LED Backlit LCD Display​

    • 15 inch LED backlit LCD Display

    • VFD

  • Magnetic Swipe Reader

    • Finger Print scanner​

    • RFID

Watch the Video here for more info!

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The Senor GDP-220III is perfect for commercial kitchens with its fast 2 color printing and optional buzzer for noisy environments.

This printer can highlight important parts of the order docket to outline specific instructions for the cooks/chef, allowing them to spend less time studying the docket, and more time preparing the food.

The GDP-220III doesn't have any ink cartridges either, it works off of a replaceable ribbon feeder that is easy to change when necessary, and that's not all.

The GDP-220III can print two (2) copies of the same docket, at the same time!