Task Manager Back Office Suite

Please note that Task Manager is no longer supported by the software developers

Task-Manager is a suite of Software Modules that manages the back office functions and links the Point of Sale Terminals together to create a total POS solution with export options to General Ledger, Creditors and Payroll packages.

The product is divided up into modules, allowing the purchase of tailor-made packages just right for your requirements without having to pay for things that you may not use. New modules can be added as required if your needs change.

Task-Manager provides tight control over Inventory Management, Cash Management and Staff Costs. It can help detect problems such as theft and wastage before they get out of hand. You know exactly what your Inventory-on-hand is, up until the last sale, with the real time processing of sales transactions.

Using the raft of features available in the Task-Manager Membership & Loyalty/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software module that are totally integrated with the POS Terminals, there is no double handling of transactions and it is done with a minimum amount of effort and can return excellent results. You can also increase staff productivity with a loyalty system to reward your employees for high sales performance.

Overall, Task-Manager provide comprehensive management of inventory, membership, loyalty and financial control of the venue. The total system can be centrally managed from one host PC in the back office.  While the POS Terminals will run standalone with no central point of failure, some advanced features which draw information from the Host PC can be utilised with all the benefits of an on-line POS system. These include integration with Poker Machine Loyalty Systems, Security Cameras and Property Management Systems (PMS) that are provided by the Task-Manager suite of products.


Key Features of the Task Manager Software

  • Simple to operate, with easy to understand menus and reports.
  • Data entry is made quick and easy with well organised screens.
  • Real time updating of all reports for instant business analysis
  • Continual development and innovation of new features to cater for an ever changing & growing market.
  • Quality reference manual and on-line help
  • Print all reports to disk in Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe PDF or Snapshot format saves paper and provides permanent records.
  • Import /Export Wizards that allow you to update existing data
  • General Ledger Interface to the most popular G/L & Creditors software packages
  • User names and passwords can be enabled to secure access to sensitive information
  • Create your own Custom Reports.
  • Easy to change prices and update all the POS Terminals automatically within a few seconds
  • Weekly specials and Automatic Happy Hours
  • Price Label Designer & Retail Price Management
  • Cash Reconciliation for each POS Terminal
  • Half hourly sales with average sale per customer and customer count report to assist with staffing levels in different locations
  • Time and Attendance Reports keeps track of clock-on, unpaid breaks and clock-off times.
  • View any sales transactions for a particular Clerk
  • Monitor inventory levels and reduce overstocking, shrinkage and theft
  • Increase stock turnover and reduce the amount of inventory sitting on shelves
  • Reorder wizard based on sales history over any period or time.
  • Run Debit/Credit Accounts with credit limits at the Point of Sale
  • Professional Detailed Account Statements showing Itemised Purchases or Summary Statements
  • Runs on Windows VISTA, XP, 2003/2008 Server Operating Systems